January 13th, 2020:

         Our version 2 atlas (white matter pathways) and its associated high-resolution MRI data were published on Nature Neuroscience as the cover paper of the February issue (Vol 23, No.2), and reported In Brief by Nature Methods.

Thanks for the reviewers and their constructive comments, which made the current resources and website possible!

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The Resources


Multi-modal MRI data providing unprecedented resolution and details

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Most complete atlases of marmoset brain based on ultra-high resoultion dMRI


Online tools facilitating viewing marmoset neuroanatomy and connectome

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About the Project

Mapping Marmoset Brain by Ultra-high Resolution MRI

Since 2016

This project was launched by Dr. Cirong Liu in Silva's lab of NINDS/NIH in Nov, 2016, aiming at building comprehensive MRI-based marmoset brain atlases and tools to facilitate neuroimaging and connectome studies of marmosets.

With supports and helps from multiple labs, including
- Silva's lab (NINDS/NIH): Afonso Silva, John Newman, Cecil Yen, and Diego Szczupak;
- Leopold's lab (NIMH/NIH): David Leopold, and Frank Ye;
- AFNI (NIMH/NIH): Daniel Glen;
- @MarmosetBrainConnectityAtlas: Marcello Rosa, and Piotr Majka;
we have made significant progress during these years, not only in developing atlases for mapping the marmoset brain, but also in pushing the resolution limit of non-human primate MRI. These efforts resulted in useful atlases and tools for the marmoset research, and unique and valuable dMRI data that can be of interests to researchers who are in the MRI research field.

Via this website, we would like share all of our fruits, including raw data, to the research community. Our "effort-tree" is still growing and we hope the current and the future fruits will promote open-science and contribute to a better understanding of the brain.

Cirong Liu



The Atlas V3 working-in-progress


The Atlas V2 and associated MRI data were published on Nature Neuroscience as the Cover Paper (Vol.23, No.2).


The Marmoset Brain Mapping website are online.


We presented the new dMRI data and reported our progress of building the atlas V2 at SfN2018 (Nanosymposium).


We pushed the resolution of MRI to a new level (80um and 64um dMRI, 50um structural images) and started to build Version 2 - White Matter Atlas.


The Atlas V1 was released and published online on Neuroimage as the Cover Paper (Vol.169, 2018 April).


We presented the Atlas V1 at SfN2017 (Dynamic Poster).


We successfully aquired 150um multi-shell dMRI data and started to construct the first version of the atlas.


The Marmoset Brain Mapping Project was launched.